Gübelin in the South China Morning Post

Gübelin in der South China Morning Post

Gübelin elevates passion with its Academy, Gem Lab and handmade jewellery.

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Beauty & Quality of coloured gemstones

Along with its Swiss heritage, gemmological skill, excellence in jewellery craftsmanship and extraordinary service, the Gübelin name is above all associated with an expertise in and passion for the inherent beauty and quality of coloured gemstones.

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160 years of Gübelin heritage

For over 160 years, the House of Gübelin has stood for the highest quality in precious stones, jewellery and watches.

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Güblin's Pioneering Spirit

Eduard J. Gübelin (1913-2005), was a pioneer of modern gemmology. A member of the third generation of the Gübelin family, he showed the world that the inclusions inside coloured gemstones, far from being flaws, held the key to their story.

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The Gübelin Academy - Sharing our knowledge & passion

Our homage to the ruby is both an expression of our own fascination with this endlessly intriguing gem and a means of sharing our knowledge and passion about this true treasure of nature with the wider public.

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The Gübelin Gem Lab - Our gemstone quality hallmark

«Inclusions can tell us where gemstones come from and – crucially – if and how they have been treated. Thanks to these insights, and more sophisticated analyses the industry now has the tools for determining the provenance and authenticity of these natural treasures – a great service to all who cherish them precisely because they are nature’s gift

Daniel Nyfeler, Managing Director Gübelin Gem Lab

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The Gübelin Atelier - Swiss handcraft

«From the original idea to the design, prototype and finished piece, all jewelry from the House of Gübelin is brought to life under the guidance of our Atelier in Switzerland by master jewelers, goldsmiths and setters

Robert Ambord, Managing Director Gübelin Atelier


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